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  • Oase PondoVac Classic

    Multifunctional design of the vacuum cleaner for smaller garden ponds. Maximum suction depth 1.3m. Complete system with a wide range of accessories. Compact design with 27 l tank including 4 m suction hose and 2 m outlet hose.

    272,00 € Detail
  • Oase Pondovac 4

    The powerful vacuum with three functions. The new and even more powerful Pondovac 4 replaces the Pondovac 3, and even exceeds its predecessor in terms of power by as much as 20 %! It offers sufficient power and the required accessories, in order to free garden ponds, and pools and swim ponds as well, of all debris. If you also include its function as wet vacuum in the household, the Pondovac 4 proves to be an extremely versatile multi-functional vacuum. And it also shows itself in an elegant new…

    499,00 € Detail
  • Oase Hose 2.5 m

    2.5 m hose with connection coupling and sludge collection bag.

    93,73 € Detail
  • Oase Filter foam PPI45 Pondovac 4

    Spare filter foam PPI45 for Pondovac 4

    9,00 € Detail
  • Oase Engage plate Pondovac 4

    Engage plate Pondovac 4

    9,00 € Detail
  • Oase PondoVac 5

    Full power without interruption, thanks to separate suction and pump function. Flexible use - waste water can be diverted in any direction even over height differentials. Maximum suction depth of 2.5 m thanks to high performance 1700 W motor with optimised blade geometry. Can be used for cleaning garden ponds, pools and swim ponds as well as a wet vacuum in the household. Suction capacity up to 8000 l/h, depending on the implementation conditions.

    815,00 € Detail
  • Oase Extension hose PondoVac 5

    10m extension hose for Oase PondoVac 5

    118,43 € Detail
  • Oase PondoVac Premium

    Can be used for cleaning garden ponds, pools and swim ponds - also for commercial applications. Extremely strong suction capacity with up to 20,000 l/h - without interruption. Unusually quiet suction operation of the turbine < 60 dB (A). The large, 95 l tank is emptied via sensor control with a digital fill level indicator. Flexible movement thanks to the robust chassis with four solid rubber wheels and parking brake. Suction depth max 2,60m.

    4 619,00 € Detail
  • Oase Telescopic rod PondoVac Premium

    The quality crafted telescopic rod offers functional eccentric length adjustment and the three pieces can be pushed inside each other. Thus any length desired between 1.8 m and 4. 8 m can be easily realised and determined. Including quick-connector for nozzle attachments and plastic handles.

    75,58 € Detail
  • Oase Floating suction hose PondoVac Premium

    Floating suction hose with a length of 12 m convinces with robust workmanship and extremely smooth inner wall surface for particularly effective suction results. Both ends have a 50 mm connector.

    185,09 € Detail
  • Oase Discharge hose PondoVac Premium

    Compact discharge hose with rubberised surface, 10 m in length. Thanks to the C-couplings on both sides, extension with additional hoses is possible to a length of 30 m.

    181,46 € Detail
  • Oase Plane nozzle PondoVac Premium

    Heavy flat nozzle (4 kg) with 480 mm width. Incl. brush strip with sealing lip and clever articulated mechanism for easy transition between wall and floor surfaces. Ideal for cleaning large surfaces, such as pools or swim ponds. In a bright colour for better visibility on the ground.

    282,30 € Detail
  • Oase Flat nozzle PondoVac Premium

    Transparent flat nozzle 80 mm with 50 mm connection. Generates a higher suction power and thus is ideal for removing sludge on the bottom.

    93,61 € Detail
  • Oase Round nozzle PondoVac Premium

    Transparent round nozzle 50 mm. Ideal for suctioning sludge or leaves.

    85,67 € Detail
  • Oase Suction bell PondoVac Premium

    Sludge vacuum with transparent poly carbonate bell and rotating 39/50 mm connection. Ideal for gentle cleaning of gravel surfaces.

    302,47 € Detail

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