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EGC - Easy Garden Control

With OASE EASY GARDEN CONTROL (EGC) the age begins in which all important functions in and on the pond or in the garden can be centrally controlled via the home network. It enables convenient operation and control of the connected devices with an app via smart phone or tablet.

Spare parts OASE

We offer original spare parts for all product´s range from company OASE GmbH. Please, use our well-arranged possibility for choosing the specific spare parts in the picture product catalogue.

OASE ProfiClear Premium in test

The OASE ProfiClear Premium was convincing with no ifs and no buts. In addition to many practical detail solutions, such as a manually rotating drum, easy to replace filter elements, pollution carriers in the interior of the drum, easy to operate control electronics, etc., this is a mature product, that also does its work very quietly. OASE has succeeded…

Copper in the garden pond

Copper is a trace element and as such is an important nutrition component for many life forms. Among other things it is required for production of vital enzymes. But as the term "trace element" indicates, copper is only healthy in minute amounts. In higher concentrations it has a harmful effect on many forms of pond life.

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