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  • Oase Waterfall Set 30

    Modern stainless steel design. Complete set, incl. pump (40W) and hose. Easy to install. Waterfall base 300 mm wide, including pump and hose. Two side fastening lugs enable easy attachment on a solid substrate (e.g concrete slab) for use in the shallow water zone or at the edge of the pond. Easy maintenance thanks to removable back. 800x350x150mm

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  • Oase Waterfall Set 60 Solo

    Waterfall stand in 600 mm width. Two side fastening lugs enable easy attachment on a solid substrate (e.g. concrete slab) for use in the shallow water zone or at the edge of the pond. In addition, the Waterfall Set 60 Solo has a mounting base that ensures additional stability. An additional possibility is installation in combination with the OASE Water Reservoir and the corresponding cover. Simply bolt onto the suitable reservoir cover and decorate with pebbles – that’s it! Easy maintenance thanks…

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  • OASE Waterfall 30

    Built-in waterfall in modern design. Can be built in or bolted on. Uniform water pattern to 1 m in height. Compact, stainless steel waterfall for installation, i.e. bolting onto a wall. Including a 1\ threaded opening on both the rear and underside, as well as a hose adapter and a plug. Maximum water pattern height of 1.0 m is possible. Water flow rates from 2000 l/h to 5000 l/h are possible. Modern stainless steel design

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  • Oase Watercourse shells Start-End

    Unique connection method for an uncomplicated installation – thanks to the connecting component inclusive sealing tape and nuts. Robust, high quality stainless steel. Individual combined identity element. Diode can be combined with the in-ground light fixture LunAqua Terra LED

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  • Oase Water reservoir WR 100

    The OASE water reservoirs are manufactured in a state-of-the-art rotation process and satisfy the highest requirements. In addition to their ability to hold water, many other factors must be taken into consideration in the construction of these basins: Weathering influences like heat and frost, root growth, optimal distribution of edge loads, material tensions, pollutants, and lime deposits, to name just a few.

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  • Oase spiral hose Ø32mm / 25m

    Can be sealed with the OASE hose clips. Frost and UV resistant. Good sinking properties. Temperature up to + 60 °C. Guarantee heavy metal free. Very smooth bore so reduces friction loss. Pressure: 1 bar

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  • Oase Hose clip 3/4-1\

    Stainless Hose Clip SK 20, 20-32 mm Ř

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  • Oase Y-distributor 1 1/2\

    Water distributor with 1 inlet and 2 outlets. Both outlets are individually adjustable. Operate underwater only!

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  • Oase Flow regulator 1 1/2\

    For smooth adjustment of the water flow, equipped with 2 multistage hosetails for hose sizes of 1” to 1 1/2”.

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  • Oase Tradux Wall & Liner Transition

    Tradux enables a wall transition below the water surface in order to hide cables and hoses. Pumps, filters, and lights are invisibly supplied with power and hoses; forget the bothersome attempts to conceal connections that run over the edge of the pond.

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  • Oase Power adhesive EPDM Fix

    EPDM Fix and Power adhesive, 290 ml cartridge

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  • Oase FoamFix 700 ml

    Black mounting foam. Inconspicuous filling of cavities in ponds is possible. Long-lasting colour thanks to high resistance to UV radiation. Expands uniformly and hardens quickly. Fish and plant-compatible.

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  • Oase Spray Bond 500 ml

    Contact adhesive for bonding EPDM liner on different substrates, such as wood or masonry.
    Suitable for use with OaseFol EPDM liner and with EuroFol EPDM liner.
    Ideal as an installation aid when laying out liner for steep pond walls.
    Spray liner and the surface to be bonded with adhesive and after 2-4 minutes flash-off time, bond both surfaces together.
    Material consumption: approx 70 ml per m˛.
    All substrates must be dry, as well as free of grease and dust.

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  • Oase Bottom drain BD 100

    Bottom Drain for safely connecting the pond with the OASE ProfiClear modules or with the pump chamber. The Bottom Drain is flanged at the desired location on the liner and offers the possibility of connecting a DN 100 pipe. For secure connection of pond and ProfiClear modules. Is flanged or bonded to liner

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